SPC: Imperfection 2


I admit it: plants die in my care.

It's not intentional. I water them. I talk to them... I give them names! But they die. The green thumb skipped me in the family, and really wish I could do it but so far not much luck. Up until recently I had a strict cut-flowers only policy. With cut-flowers... you know they will die, so its ok.. but those suckers in soil... sigh.

I'm hiding in the shadows for this one.

See how happy this plant looked when I first got it:

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


melba said…
I have no luck with most plants either. I say most because I did have a cactus for 7 years that moved with me a dozen times. But then once we were planted ourselves...here in this house the cactus got knocked over many times and finally died. :(

I haven't really tried again. I imagine having a garden oneday, but not anytime soon. I think I am allergic to yard work.
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon, that's OK! I think it's OK to have one thing you're not a perfect caregiver for. Goodness knows you do a great job at taking care of your family members and your cat, who is of course also a family member too.

Maybe I'll share a photo of my garden to show that I'm a crappy gardener...I think I'll do that.
Tammy said…
LOL I'm with you on house plants! Loved your shot too :) Great job!

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