SPC: Imperfection 1


When I first read the new topic was Imperfection, my reaction was oh boy. Then I got to thinking more about what I think of as imperfection. In a lot of ways I consider myself a perfectionist in what I do or things I may create. However, I never consider myself, as a person - perfect. Neither in my appearance, my demeanor, my speech nor my ideas. I think its great to embrace our imperfections, it is what makes us unique. I have also come to think of perfect as, slightly boring and therefore I have even less desire to strive for it.

Perfection, and imperfection are all dependant on your point of view.

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Great picture! I love what you decided to go with.
Janet said…
yes I agree, perfection would be boring.
Deb R said…
Cool photo. I love those glasses!
Sacred Suzie said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE it Shannon! I am so with you on this one, as much as I admire the desire for perfection, I let it go a lot of the time which has made me much happier.

Neat glasses! This photo is awesome.
BZ said…
I love the weird eye thing you have going on. Nice shot, it couples nicely with your text.
Colorsonmymind said…
I like that idea. Perfection is boring isn't it?

Love the pic

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