Sacral Chakra - Movies to Cry by

Jamie recently posted her list of films to let the tears out by. This reminded me, as well as reading in True Balance about the sacral chakra that of the things I learned in a film class, is about different types of film. On type is classified as being focused on emotional effect or mood. With this it includes romance, comedies as well as horror films*. Its interesting that these are all in essence, the same emotions involved with the sacral chakra. Who would have thought? I will most likely do a scare-fest film list, but I think I will leave that closer to Halloween.

This is ranges from straight out cry-fest to some slightly odder choices, but all have them have touched me in some way. I may not have cried in all of them, and some more than others, but they are all good when you need a few hours of emotional release, so put the kettle on and have the kleenex handy.

All the Real Girls
Bull Durham
Bridges of Madison County, The
Central Station
Crimes of the Heart
Finding Neverland
G.I. Jane
Going My Way
In America
It's a Wonderful Life
Jesus Christ Superstar
Little Darlings
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Ma Vie en Rose / My Life in Pink
Meet Me in St. Louis
Moulin Rouge
Mystic Pizza
Now, Voyager
Practical Magic
Reality Bites
Shall We Dance / Shall we dansu?
Shakespeare in Love
Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, The
Stand and Deliver
Sweet Hereafter, The
Untamed Heart
Urban Cowboy
Whale Rider

* from The Art of Watching Films, Joseph M Boggs & Dennis W. Petrie, 5th Edition


Jamie said…
What a list! So many made me go - omg, yeah, I cried at that, especially Central Station (loud, uncontrollable weeping) and Finding Neverland (rivers, RIVERS, of tears running down my face).

And I realized I'd add West Side Story too. I can't even here "There's a place for us..." without crying!

And how fascinating about looking at films that stir the emotions up as a genre in itself. I'll look forward to your scary movie list too! And I will never watch The Changling again - ever!
Tammy said…
This is a great list!!!

I've seen many of these and would have them on my list too!

Finding Neverland is one of my tops!! I would have several to add including "Return to Me". A favorite!!!

Great idea!
Sacred Suzie said…
How interesting to tie in the emotional stuff with the sacral chakra, that's so true. I also adore this list and agree with so many, especially Mystic Pizza and Untamed Heart, those movies really moved me emotionally. I love this list and CAN NOT WAIT for your Halloween movie list!

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