More Auction fun-ness

"The Auction" is something I go to every year. I realized this year that it is in fact my 20th (at least) year going, and the auctioneer mentioned that he believe to have been doing this for 20 years too so I guess that is about right. I go with my Mom & sisters Jamie and Suzie (if she's in town... so sad when she isn't !) and their hubby's. When people ask about it I'm not even sure how to describe it they have a little bit of everything. I used to never be able to bid on anything for the auction part I was to freaked out so I'd whisper a bid to my sister and ask them to go up to 'x' amount for me. I've since been able to bid for myself and this year I got this sewing box for $10! I might use it for art/stationary supplies though:


I also picked up some clothes and books and dishes, I went a little light this year but it is all good stuff.


One of the things I love about going is you never know what is going to be there or what you will come home with. One year I got a judy (dressform) for $5 and sometimes you long for that thing you didn't bid on but now that I think of it, I don't really need a typewriter anyway :)

It's also a great time to spend with my family, we have out traditions too. I think its also really funny that I'm still not entirely sure how to even get there as someone else always knows the way so I just come along for the ride.

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Rose DesRochers said…
I use to have the same sewing box.
Jamie said…
What a great day that was! I enjoy it every year. Lol, to not needing a typewriter. It's amazing the things that show up at the auction!

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