The (hopeful) beginning of #38 - Keep a plant alive from ‘The Auction’ from one year to the next

As the auction was these weekend I decided to pick up more than 1 plant in hopes of increasing the chances of completing this one. Considering I knocked over 2 of the plants over about 1hr after I bought them I picked up another.

Here they are..... Berry (appartenly called a strawberry plant that doens't create strawberries)


Burrows (I don't remember the name but its something like burrow's end, isn't it a cool colour and shape? I love this one)


and Fergie (which is actually and English Begonia but Beggie sounded weird)


And here they are all together! They all look like they are reaching, eh? Give them a round of applause for being so brave to participate in my experiment:


I would like to mention that below is a plant I bought last year at the auction, affectionately called "The Ugly Plant", and although it is alive it looks a lot sadder than last year, it almost died a few times, and I didn't start my 101 until after I bought it so I'm not gonna say this can complete it. But, I do really love this plant and I hope it thrives one day. Three cheers for the Ugly Plant hip hip.. hooray!! hip hip hooray!! hip hip... hooray!!


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* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


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