#93 - 3B Read 20 books - Getting Things Done

Completed: September 23, 2006

I'm including this as part of my 101 list#93 - "1 non fiction workbook (like the Artist’s Way)".
Now I did read the Artist's Way, but I finished this around the same time and really enjoyed it so I thought I would share this with you.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

I heard about this book on Triplux's site, home of all things 101. The idea is have everything organized in such a way that its out of your mind so you can enjoying doing what you are doing and be free of all those "Did I remember?...." and "I wonder what I needed at..." and "When's the meeting with..." moments.

I've been reading with it for quite a while, finished it recently and then set a time to actually go through and process all my 'stuff'. When people asked me what I was doing that weekend, I said "revamping my organizational system!!!" with a huge grin on my face. They mostly squinted there eyes and said "Oh". hahaha.. little do they know!!!!

The beginning was to gather all the loose ends:

Then to process everything:

Funny things I ran across while processing all paperwork & misc:
-an email address of a friend that I email regularly and have for over 2 years
-an offer on something that expired July 31, 2006
-meal planning notes for one week with a notation of "Lunch - canned"
-a list that counted all the individual things on my 101 list making it approx. 3185 things

This process made me realize that I want to read more things, and accumulate less.


My cat decided to play along, so I couldn't help but included him in the process. That sticker says "Feed, Water and Pet". On to the next thing!

One of the things that is part of the system is a tickler file, every day of the month has a folder, ever month has its own folder and you put stuff in it you would use that day/month. The analogy used is that its like mailing a letter to yourself. You check it every day. At first I didn't understand when you would use it and didn't think I would end up using it at all. But now, I'm hooked. It keeps things out of sight and out of mind, yet easy to access - I love it!

As the dust settles, it still looks a little messy but it's perfect:

I can't really go through the whole process here, its way to involved. It isn't 'hard' perse, it takes time to set up and thinking things through but I will say it has made a huge difference. I would also say that this book grabbed my attention the way some people describe mysteries... I couldn't wait to hear how the next chapter would tackle the next task! I absolutely loved it.

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
That is so funny, labelling Gobo like that! I'm still giggling.

This book had a profoundly positive impact on you and your world Shannon! That realization of getting the knowledge without acquiring the stuff is fascinating. I'm so glad you had a chance to really implement the ideas into your life.
Jamie said…
Yay to finding a system that works for you. This book has definitely made it on my list of things to buy. I guess I should put that in my tickler file! hehe. Okay, I know that's not really how it works. I just wanted to use the word "tickler file."

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