#57 – Go to a Concert

Went to see KT Tunstall on October 9, 2006 with Jamie.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a concert. Well, let me correct myself – its been a while since I’ve been to a concert that wasn’t the Indigo Girls. And I was planning on seeing them Oct 18/06 and doing a double concert post here but alas I was ill and unable to make it (read about that concert here, its almost like being there – but you must sing along).

Going to see KT Tunstall was such and interesting experience. First – it totally rocked! I’m sans pics because I assumed you wouldn’t be allowed cameras but I felt like one of the only people without one! Maybe things are more lax considering how many phones are camera’s now… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

My first thing to decide was… what to wear. October, indoor concert, hadn’t been to the venue before… didn’t want to use a coat check, not even sure they would have one (seeing KMFDM at RPM is the last time I will EVER use a coat check at a concert). I went by the true concert ensemble with boots, jeans, long sleeved shirt and a flannel plaid shirt. Yes this dates me in kind of a way, and I knew it and felt it and wore it anyway. I also knew that it probably wasn’t a plaid shirt kinda crowd but its what I came up with so I went with it.

Oh, and the only KT Tunstall song I knew before this was the song they played during “So You Think You Can Dance” when the girl got sent home. That and a snippet Jamie played for me a few days prior. But it didn’t matter – the concert was EXCELLENT. She is one amazing performer! She actually recorded herself at the beginning of a song and later replayed that part as back up vocals/sounds. The energy in the room was full and happy and it was just great! There was another song I swore must be a remake but it isn’t … so weird because I don’t even really listen to the radio anymore, I have no idea where I heard it.

Anyway, this really made me realize that although it’s great to go out and see bands you know and love and can sing every word its still great to go out and support artists you don’t know as well, and that it can be a rockin’ experience as well.
It was also cool to see the opening act, Kevin Devine. Lots of energy and he always a great lead in description to the songs, which I love.

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Potato Print said…
Wow Shannon. This post was like a field trip for me. I cannot be in a crowded noisy place. I've been that way ever since I was a baby. I just freak out and panic and sort of shut down.

I never really thought about what I'm missing. You make it sound so relaxed and like so much fun.

It makes me go "Hmmmm..."
melba said…
I am glad you had a great time at this concert, but sorry you were sick for the Indigo Girls. I hope you are feeling all better!

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