True Balance

I've joined Melba's group for the True Balance Project, and I'm really looking forward to it! The timing is a little loony for me right now but I didn't want to let that get in the way. I also haven't actually gotten my book yet so I didn't really know what to post about it but Jamie's and Suzie's posts have given me some inspiration.

What is balance? What keeps me balanced and throws me off? I thought about this the other night and I came up with some fun comical comments like .. high heels throw me off balance (this is true.. I can't, nor desire, to walk in heels). Then I realized that I don't think I have many memories or times in my life where I actually feel balance. Like the picture above, there are many levels of things going on, all of them busy and co-existing, but none of them is really... clear. That is very good description of my life at some times. Then there is the opposite where nothing is going on. Neither of these models I think really serve me well. Well, they might serve me in some way but I don't think they balance me. I guess I don't really know too much yet, but hopefully I will soon.


Sacred Suzie said…
Shannon, I am so happy you're also participating!

It sounds like in general it's all or nothing when it comes to stuff happening in your life. That of course can be very stressful and unbalancing.

What do you think might help?
melba said…
One of the things that I have liked best so far about reading True balance is all the questions everyone else comes up with!
I don't know if I really felt out of balance when I picked this book, but it called to me and I am glad you have joined in!
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,
I am one of the Blogettes on the True Balance project. I'm glad you are participating. I had trouble with the question, so I turned it around and asked what makes me feel balanced. I think you will like the book when you get your hands on it.

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