True Balance: Unbalanced

One of the questions that comes up in the first chapter of True Balance, is what makes you feel unbalanced. I found this much easier to answer than what makes me feel balance. When starting something new, I find it helpful for the first step to be a slightly easier one, a somewhat familar one. Which is why I chose to post about this.

One of the things that makes me feel unbalanced is having mess all around me. Now, I don't like things super clean and tidy looking like a showroom - that really doesn't suit me at all but somewhere a little more organized than it is right now and showroom is the idea. Having piles of laundry and 'surfaces covered' really bugs me. When I do my house to-do cleaning up list one of the things I actually write down is 'clear surfaces'.

Although in someways its a little unsettling that I can come up with so many examples. But then again, many of them have simple solutions:

Like above, having a sink full of dishes is something that I don't like. Mostly because its hard to get water for tea or to fill the jug for the fridge. But also because I don't like having dirty dishes in the sink. Flylady is right, having a shiny sink really does make you feel better. Good thing this one has simple solution: do the dishes. It can usually be done in the time it takes to make tea and that is almost exclusively the time I do it.

This last one is a bit odd. It isn't really messy but this spot is the spot where my cat decides to cause trouble between 3-5am. He knocks off things from this dresser 1 by 1. I'm shocked none of my perfume bottles have broken. I really should just fess up to the fact that he does this, will do this and I should just clear it off so he can sleep there in peace (and I can get some sleep too!)


Sacred Suzie said…
Excellent post Shannon, I loved seeing your space even if it it's driving you a little crazy now. I can really relate to this post. Having layers of stuff on surfaces drives me crazy too and it's one thing I can't seem to avoid. Right now I have 10 library books scattered on my living room floor, I don't know where to start. If I put them away somewhere, I'll forget about them.

Oh it's so great to read your writing and hear what's going on with you, I hope the festival was fun though!

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