True Balance: Finished Chapter 1!

Woohoo, ok I am a few days late but I did it! Finished reading Chapter one for the True Balance project, Balanced Foundation (root chakra). The funny thing is I really like the root chakra and I know I like the next one but I'm tempted to stay here for a bit and get even more grounded!

But that is ok, I can move on! One root chakra-y thing was buying socks! Yay for socks! Keep you grounded by keeping those feet nice and happy. Mind you this was ever so slightly driven by the fact I ran outta time to do laundry and ran out of socks.

Another thing I did was I got a new book for my to do list. I love that 'organizing' is one of the things associated with this chakra. I am running out of pages in my current book but hadn't been able to find 'the perfect' replacement as the store I got my first one from didn't have any more. I was really tempted to just use something else that wasn't perfect but just didn't do it. Then.. a few days later when trying to get some bread from the locale convience store I had too many things in my hands/arms and accidentally knocked 'the perfect' notebook on my head! I never would have thought to look for one at my corner store! Now just to put aside the time to merge the lists!!!


Sacred Suzie said…
Yay to new socks and notebooks! I'm glad the right book found you, isn't it funny how these things happen?

I just love seeing your world Shannon, I really do. Your pictures are always so interesting.
Jamie said…
LOL, that's so funny that the perfect notebook fell on your head! Someone is definitely looking out for you. Yay, to finding that and to new socks.

I love the root chakra too. There's so much good stuff here. But the next one's fun too :)
melba said…
Organizing is very grounding for me too. right now we are in the process of redecorating Maggie's room so all of her furniture is in the living room...I am trying not to let it get to me but I don't like when things are a mess even though I know it is not forever.
Potato Print said…
Hey Shannon,
I'm catching up on my blog reading this morning. Sorry I missed this post. The thing about FEET is so central. I have the tendency to live a bit like a cave woman during the week. My schedule is this: wake up late, drive, work, drive, go to bed late. So I started to soak my feet in peppermint-scented water at night, then I massage lotion into them. I feel so much more grounded. Add that to your new sock routine one day.

I enjoyed the notebook story. I really like the photo.

I predict that you will write a really strong, solid, celebratory post about the second chakra.

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