True Balance: Chapter 2!

I again feel behind as I just started Chapter 2 with the True Balance yesterday and after somewhere in the first paragraph it mentioned that the colour for the sacral chakra was orange I got all excited, got my camera out and ran around the apartment taking pictures of anything and everything I had that was orange! There was quite a bit! My camera tends to photograph things reddish, but all of these things in fact are orange.

Here is my collage of the items (thanks to Picasa). I also want to credit that this idea what very much influenced by corners of my home as well as colour week (June 06).


Feel free to share what's orange and sacral around you!

If you feel like playing a little game of "What *is* that?" see if you can find in the picture:
children's book
salt & pepper shakers
movie poster (guess the movie!)
beaded curtian
can of mousse
movie guide
cat food bag

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
What fun! OK:

1. Kid's book: top left
2. S&P shaker: bottom middle
3. Movie poster: bottom left, I have no idea what the movie is
4. Beaded curtain: middle middle (and pretty!)
5. Can of mousse: middle right
6. Glasses: bottom right (I didn't know you had orange glasses!
7. Movie guide: top middle
8. Cat food bag: top right
9. Mugs: middle left

How did I do? Did I get them right? I wasn't sure about the movie poster answer...

What fun! I love that you have so much orange around you Shannon. What does orange mean to you?
Jamie said…
Omgosh, is the children's book Snow?

Great pics, Shannon! Orange is so, so happy!
Shannon said…
Wow, bang on Suzie!

The movie poster is Lord of the Rings: THe Return of the King (see the tower in the back right?).

The kids book is "The Jolly Snowman" although I thought it was Snow too until I opened it! The cover has fallen off. I do have Snow somewhere, what a great book!

Thanks so much for playing along!

I think of orange as firey and vibrant!

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