True Balance: Balanced Foundation

There are so many things that I'm enjoying with True Balance, I love the combination of writing and then the exercise type things are pretty easy to do. Some are yes/no, some I found provoke me to write for quite a bit about them. I was really happy to see the yes/no/sometimes questions for the root chakra/balanced foundation showed that now I'm in a much more rooted state than I thought I was, and leaps and bounds from where I used to be.

I also loved the practical and easy suggestions for creating balance, from things you can do, wear, eat, etc. Of course there are more involved things too, but its nice when some are things you can do right away and with ease!

One of the questions the first chapter in True Balance asks is what you favorite grounding activies are, in the morning, evening and bedtime. For me with questions like this I always do them in two groups, weekday and weekend... as they are really different. It also made me realize that I don't actually have activities for some of those times. I wonder if creating them would help.

For weekend mornings, I usually make a 'real' breakfast... not both days but one of them. Eggs, sausage, toast and tea is a favorite:

I think if I stretch it, weekday mornings my grounding ritual is actually just going through the motions of getting ready. I don't do anything extra in the am. I prep everything the night before. I always feel better if I leave the house with sunglasses on. Winter, summer, rain, sleet or snow they are my guard against anything and everything for that 'just woken up' period until I get to work. And provide a little privacy in case I nod off on the streetcar.

Other things that make me feel grounded:
Having family members and friends I can count on
Financial security
Food in the fridge
Having a plan
When things go according to plan


Sacred Suzie said…
What a fantastic post and I love the photographs. "Planning" is definitely a must for you with your root chakra, it seems to come up for you a lot. That's really interesting. When we did chakra stuff a year ago, I think both of root chakras were struggling and we're doing much better now which is amazing. Rock on Shannon!
Jamie said…
I really enjoyed reading these two posts side by side, especially seeing the pictures. It's amazing how our space can reflect our unbalanced state. I find that too, absolutly. Your balanced post pics feel comfy, cozy, colourful, inviting and glamorous. How exciting too to see that your root is feeling healthier. Yay! And yay for pink comfy socks!

That question about your daily activities and how they serve to ground you really does speak to the power of routine and ritual, doesn't it? Maybe when we plan that's partly our spirit trying to find balance for our roots.

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