SPC: With Someone - with Suzie


Me & Suzie... oops I mean Suzie & I! This was taken last year when I went out to visit & take care of her after surgery. It was less than a week after and we make a prosperity/luck/love cake - which we are enjoying in this picture. Dang, Suzie!! How'd I let you make a cake that soon? lol. I think on the funniest moments I had was when she asked me to take care of her plant, a Bonzai no less... I was totally petrified. Getting on a plane by myself going across the whole freaking country? Sure thing! Walking around in a town I don't know at all to pick up a few things? You bet! Taking care of a plant? Um... no one told me about that!

Although there were some tough moments, she toughed it out (and put up with my cooking ;) and we got to spend a lot of time together which was so great! Whether it was watching Gilmour Girls, Y & R, or going to the local hardware store or even on a nature walk it was great to be in each others company, to giggle and laugh, to discuss, to get excited when we agreed on loving the same things and get confused when we didn't. I had a great time, it was an experience I'll remember forever.

Suzie did a beautiful SPC with me a few weeks ago, it was really touching. You can see the post here.

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Wow, I can hear the giggles! What a fun picture. I'm so glad that you two could have this experience together - and I bet that little bonzai is too!
melba said…
That is so awesome you were there for your sister. When my sister was going through a divorce I moved from Atalnta, Georgia to New Jersey to live with her to help her through...but she really helped me. We had such a great time together. I wish we still lived closer to each other, but we talk several times a week.
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon! That time warped me back exactly one year and made me laugh even though it was such a challenging time! I am so grateful to have had you with me and you know what? You couldn't have stopped me from baking if you tried so not to worry. I was determined to do a little food magick for you and was it ever delicious even if it was raw in the middle. I can't believe I let that happen!

It's funny, now I just remember all the good things from that time. I am honoured you choose me for this challenge and the time period we really got to spend together with zero interruptions (other than the surgery of course).

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