SPC: With Someone - With Jamie


I love this picture of me & my sister Jamie. (I'm on the left, Jamie is on the right) This pic is circa our clubbing days, staying out late on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights - who had a day job? Not I! Oh, how I miss it. But I digress....

The prompt for the SPC this month suggested to answer "why you have included them and how they are meaningful", it is honestly hard to know where to start.

Jamie has taken me in when my life was turned upside down. Make that twice actually. She visited me every day I was in the hospital. Both times. Came over when my roof leaked and I was surrounded by water. Listens with patience to my silence when I'm stubbornly upset and won't talk. And for not even one of these thing did I never even had to ask.

We've lived together, we've laughed together... oh have we laughed. We've had fits of giggles in Emerg, late night run-out-for-chocolate moments, groceries nights turning into pepper steak dinners, a million and three cups of tea, parties, weddings, taken care of each other's cats when we're away. I feel so very lucky that we are sisters.

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


melba said…
I love this picture too! How cool you both look. and I love the photo itself so surreal and artsy.
Jamie said…
That just made my morning :) Thank you so much for all those kind words. I am so glad we're sisters and that we've been able to share so much of our lives - the ups and the downs. It's made the good times shine brighter and the bad times not hurt so bad.

And man, I loved those clubbing days. I love this picture though it makes me realize just how low the ceilings were in that apartment, lol. And I love "a million and three cups of tea"; that feels so right and feels like a nursery rhyme that will always be true. I'm sure it will. Hugs.
Sacred Suzie said…
I have never seen this picture before! What a very cool image. I know how much fun you two had during this phase of your life. Yay for getting the chance to do that together and for being so close!
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,
Sheesh, I feel like I'm getting to know your whole family! When is the next family reunion?

Jamie must be a great sister. I have a brother who plays that role for me. He is there whenever things fall apart, no matter what.
Tammy said…
I always wanted a sister and you have explained why beautifully :)

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