#84 - Ask for what I want

Completed: Sept 6, 2006

The inspiration for this particular 101 comes from a book I heard of years and years ago called. "Why Good Girls Dont Get Ahead But Gutsy Girls Do" by Kate White. Which after researching just now I see that it appears to still be available! I didn't read the whole thing but this concept of asking for what you want has stuck with me ever since. Asking really increases your chances of getting what you want. If you've ever doubted it, try. It's worth a shot. I sometimes find it hard to do, but I am thrilled that with this particular time I asked for what I want I wasn't doing it because it was on my 101. I just did it becuase there was something that wasn't how I wanted it and I was soooooo stressing about it, not sure how to handle it, not sure how to approach it and there I decided to confront it and ask for what I want. Initially it appear that I might not get it, but eventually I did. There were still some naggin feelings at the end of feeling bad that I asked for something 'outside the norm' and was I 'putting someone out' but they got less and less, and finally subsided and I'm happy that I did it, and hope that I continue to do this.

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Sacred Suzie said…
I love the title of the book and the idea behind it! I think asking for what you want is very powerful and something I have yet to figure out. I'm glad you're asking for what you want and getting it, I have to say I'm very curious as to what it was you wanted. You're inspiring me to create my own wish list, I will post it later. Thanks Shannon!

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