#83 - 4/10 - Try out 10 new restaurants - EAST!

Went to EAST! on September 22, 2006 with Jamie
240 Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

Wow, googling EAST! brings up wayyyy to many options for me to find their site if they have one. I will admit this one feels ever so slightly like cheating as it is almost the same menu as Spring Rolls, where I have gone numerous times. BUT! I tried something new (cashew chicken, very tasty) instead of my stand by R23 General Tao Chicken. Even decided to have tea after and I just loved their ginger tea, warm, hearty, spicy but not too too strong. It was a lovely meal and great company. Thumbs up! Errr, chopsticks up I suppose would be more appropriate!

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Sacred Suzie said…
Wow, such neat photos. What exactly is the last one? I'm so glad you're branching out and trying new meals at new restaurants, I envy you! You're very brave and adventurous Shannon. I'm such a wimp when I go out, I rarely take risks there. Perhaps I will now.
Shannon said…
Heya Suzie!

The last pic is flowers in a vase of water, at least I think that is what it is!

I didn't think this one was too brave, I thought the cashew chicken would be like Soo Guy but it wasn't it wasn't breaded or anything just very tasty & savory. I understand what you mean though, I worry when I go somewhere new that I won't like something new and then get stuck it what to do? Hungry & don't want to be rude and not eat but if you don't like it... you don't like it! I lucked out this time with a solid choice
Jamie said…
It was a great night! And I didn't have my regular R23 either. I really enjoyed the noodles I ordered. This place is rather hip and moody - a la Queen Street but I was a little distracted by how dark it was, lol. Still, we had a sweet waitress, good food, great company and ambiance at a good price.

Oh, and I don't think East has a website yet. They do mention it at the Spring Rolls site.
Shannon said…
OH yes the noodles you had were great! I love noodles :) Sometimes I wish the rice dishes came with them instead, hehe.

They listed a site on their buz card but it didn't work for me, I guess its in the works as this place is still pretty new.
Sacred Suzie said…
Noodles...I love noodles! OK, now I'm hungry. Maybe I'll make noodles for lunch!

So glad you two had a great time and the food was good. You'll have to take me on my next visit to TO.
Jamie said…
I know I commented before, but I'm revisiting all your restaurant jaunts. When I read this one I was like, "Mmmm.... R23." I think it's time to go back!

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