#59 - Go to a sporting event - take me out to the ballgame!

Completed: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Boston Red Sox, Sept 22/06 with Jamie

A BIG thank you to Vern for the tickets for my Birthday!!! Thanks Vern!

The first time I ever went to see the Blue Jays was many many years ago, I was with my Granddad, it was at the CNE, we were near right field. I went a few times after that to the Skydome, but it was well before we won the World Series in -93.

We lost 7-1, but I had a great time! I kept meaning to check and see how well we were doing, or who the players were, but I never did. Now I know a few names, and mostly remember how the game works. I like the pace, lots of little breaks. Big excitement.... then back to normal. Did a Canadian invent this? hehe...

Really cool stuff that happened:
-Fridays are 'Flashback Fridays' where they show clips and stuff from older games - this was a real treat, especially because it was stuff from when I used to watch so finally some names were familiar, like Ernie Whitt - they showed him getting 3 home runs in one game (he was always one of my fave players, along with Tom Henke).
-Mostly a really fun crowd. The kids behind us were sooo cute, as was the couple in front.
-Juan Guzman was there!!! (ok you can't actually see him in this pic *.. but he was there!)

Unusual things that happened (at least I think they are unusual):
-A bat broke!
-Other people were in our seats but we didn't really care and just sat beside them
-The Boston pitcher pitched the whole game, we had about 4 pitchers in the game
-TONS of Boston fans in the crowd, look at all that red:

Things I used to know about baseball and remembered again:
-Oh man, I think I already forgot all these... ah.. intentional walks?
-Lots and lots and a little more and lots of advertizing.
-The Skydome, now called The Rogers Centre is freaking huge. I am totally counting the walk to the nosebleeds my workout for the day.

Things that I had no idea they did, could be new, or not:
-Home team has THEME music when they come up to bat!!! (Vernon Wells #10 had the best music, followed closely by Lyle Overbay#35)
-The names people like to shout: "C'mon Lilly!!! Go Lyle!!! Go Glaus!!)
-In the nosebleeds I never saw them bring food around to sell to crowd, only beer.
-They only had American beer! BOO! HISS!
-They changed the logo and BJ Bird!! I'm not a huge fan of the new look
-The Toronto Blue Jays have an official peanut:

Things I would do if/when I go to another game:
-Wear Blue. Or White. Or both (I wore black, and I'm just really glad I didn't wear red!)
- Get there a little earlier, so I could be in seat when the National Anthem gets played, don't get many opportunities to sing it anymore.
-Bring treats to snack on! (avoided the consession entirely, hehe)
- Know the lyrics of 'Take me out to the Ballgame" for the 7th inning stretch.
- Totally would pick the same section for seats: 524B. Dead centre behind the plate and screen

If you are interested in what actually happened in the game from the actual sport side of things, you can check out this article.

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* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
That is so amazingly cool Shannon! I love ball games too, going to see sports can be so much fun, I'm so glad you could do that.

American beer?! How is that possible?!

Ernie...what a flashback!

So cool Shannon, what a fun day out.
Jamie said…
This was so much fun! Though I still can't believe the Jays have an official peanut! And since they do, of course it should have been you! hehe

My favourite moment of the night was that little girl,
Go Red Sox
Um, Go Blue Jays. Sorry 'bout that!
What a sweetie.

Thanks for letting me tag along!
melba said…
At times flights out of Providence, RI (about 80 mins from me) on SouthWest are only $49 to Toronto. Last year Sean and I looked into buying tickets just to go to a blue jays/ redsox game. He is a HUGE Redsox fan, but tickets at Fenway Park (where the RedSox play)are extremely expensive and often sell out.

I think the flights have gone up, but I told Sean next year if we catch a deal we should go so I can visit my blogging buddies in Canada and we can go to a game. We'll see...
vern said…
Glad you enjoyed it, Shannon! Give it a few more games and you'll be telling us the ins and outs of chin music, the Baltimore chop, and whether to sacrifice bunt with a guy on second and one out. :-)

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