5 things meme

I found this meme here


In my refrigerator:
Can of orange juice that needs to be made
ohh.. a chicken that needs to be thrown out
4 tupperware packages of carrots & celery
lunch for tomorrow
organic peanut butter... not sure if it needs to be refridgerated actually

In my closet:
6 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots that I don't wear because they are uncomfortable or too thrashed
My black leather motorcycle jacket I bought when I was 16
Classic red lumberjack jacket
1 long black coat I have no recollection of when/how I got it
2 dresses I've never worn

In my wallet: (original meme question had purse, I don't use one)
A cheque to deposit (woot!)
$1.70 in Canadian Tire money
September coupon for Value Village
16 movie stubs
3 receipts (socks, stacking trays & labels, meds)

In my bag: (original meme question had car, I don't have one)
A sewing kit
An orange highlighter
My contacts
My digital camera (which I took out of bag to take the pics)

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Anonymous said…
I love how you illustrated all the things you wrote about! I've been meaning to empty my purses and backpack, there are so many receipts in there it's crazy.

I let go of my lumberjack jacket for our last move, sniff sniff. It takes me back to camp but, well, that isn't a happy memory so perhaps it's OK to let it go.

Love Suzie
I can't get this to post!

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