101 in 1001 weekly update #26!!!

Well here we are another week another update! I think I'm going to swap to Mondays for my updates... I just don't tend to get them done on Sunday's which tradationally is my 'do nothing ' day. Not that I actually do nothing, I usually do a lot but I don't like making plans for it in general. I've gotten one more off my list this week with #75 - Go vegetarian for a month. This brings me to 24/101 - woohoo!!

I also got my monthly fashion fix for #31 - Read 1 fashion magazine a month, by reading September Vogue. Ok I'll admit it was more of a flip through while the bathtub fills than a read perse, but I'm counting it! YAY for black being back, although there was a few dark browns too for the fall. Lots of heavier knits for some warmth, still some peasent-y stuff but getting more strong lines and structured. Layers galore. Tons of weird volumn, especially in skirts - I'm not liking this trend, who exactly does it flatter? We'll see how it appears on the racks in the weeks/months to come.

Other 101's I'm working on:

#14 -Write something about all the films I see (for the first time) throughout these 1001 days. Oh my, I've got 13 to write about and I'm planning on watching another 2 today. My plan was to have all this up to day by the Thursday when the Film Fest starts but that be a little overly optimistic. We'll see.

#7 - See 1 film a week in the theatre for a year (52 weeks straight, not necessarily Jan - Dec), I'm on my 2nd try for this one, currently in week 9. I am certain I'll see stuff for the next two weeks which will put that to 11. Looking good so far!
Catching up on film reviews

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#94 - Read every day - done! I keep on acquiring more and more books, although I can't remember the last time I finished one! I'm getting close to finishing The Artist's Way and Getting Things Done. Its so funny, they are both non-fiction, and especially with Getting Things Done, I've literally been reading it with baited breath like some kind or mystery or thriller... what will he suggest next? How do you implement this organizational systems?? Ohh... ahh...

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every day
Sunday Aug 27/06 - The Pixie Bob is a cat which is believed to be the natural mutation of a bob cat and a regular cat
Monday Aug 28/06 - The system at my new gym.
Tuesday Aug 29/06 - A possible solution to socks with shoes! (I almost only wear boots) Really short socks that you almost can't see! A big thank you to the guy in front of me on the escalator in Bathurst Station for that one!
Wednesday Aug 30/06 - Camomile tea bags on your eye (after steeping for a few) can soothe irritated eyes.
Thursday Aug 31/06 - Archipelago means a group of islands, or water with scattered islands, or something non-island like that fits that disbursement pattern.
Friday Sept 1/06 - Where the Bishop and the Belcher relocated to (see pic below)! This was my local put for years while it was on Queen Street. Its got the same decor, staff, menu and still has trivial pursuit on the tables and games as well.
Saturday Sept 2/06 - The grocery store by the gym is crazy busy on weekdays but very quiet on weekends - yay!
Sunday Sept 3/06 - Project Runway season 3 starts tomorrow!!!

For my full 101 list, look here.


Sacred Suzie said…
Wow oh wow Shannon, you've been up to a lot! I look forward to reading all your film reviews, your life is very movie-rich right now which I'm sure makes you happy. I hope the festival goes well! I didn't make it out to the movies this weekend, maybe next.

Where did the pub move to? Is it still on Queen?

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