#100 - 2 of 8 - Celebrate Mabon

Completed: September 23, 2006 - Mabon

In my researching for what to do/how to celebrate Mabon, this is what I came across: Celebration of the second harvest & giving thanks for the things you've received this year, a gateway from wall to winter. The Earth going to sleep. Gathering with friends to strenghten out spirits and prepare for the passage into winter. Referencing: here and here.

Harvesty events, bring it on! Harvest to me means enjoying some yummy, earthy, slow cooked and savory food. To get that food, it means shopping of course. On Mabon I also decided to be kinder to the Earth and try to strongly reduce the amount of plastic and any kind of single-use items. Plastic bags and styrafoam cups are way high on this list. I'm going to try and use a travel mug as well as have some bags on me so that I don't get new ones if I pick something up at the store. I also picked up this made from recycled materials bag for groceries for 99cents:

Ack caught. You can see that plastic bag eh? Well I'm working on it!!!! Now, what was in that bag you ask? All the lovely ingredients for tonights meal as well as whatever else I'm eating this week. Oh, I also did away with using bags for produce at the grocery store. Why put 1 potato in a bag? Why only buy 1 potato? The funny thing is I had no issues with this at the store, but when I got home one of the granny smith apples kept rolling off the table. I guess it's an adventurous apple.

Those delights got magically transformed into stew! What is more harvesty than stew? I added WAY to much cajun spice though, good thing I like things spicy!!!

I also made some corn as its another harvesty thing. I almost didn't buy it was it was the prepackaged kind and I really wanted one with a husk, but it had a little to tear off so its all good. In fact it was better than good, it was the sweetest tastiest corn I've had all year! Then to put it all together in a nice setting:

Time to say thanks, I made a list of things I am thankful for this year and it was so wonderful to have not only a complete page, but later in the night I ran back to it and added more. Then I toasted to my wonderful sisters Jamie and Suzie.

As Mabon is also a time to spend with friends I did that as well, with my guildmates. It was a lot of fun, although this isn't one of our most glam moments (red=dead), it was one where nothing was moving so I could snag a picture:

I hope everyone had a lovely Mabon!

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* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon! This is brilliant! I love seeing everything you're doing and was totally moved by the commitment to reduce plastic bags! We take our own now and use boxes, we can't believe the difference that makes.

What a feast, it looks so good and like a wonderful celebration. I love the picture of you toasting us! I wish I had done that, what a great idea.

I am so blessed to have you as a sister too Shannon!
Jamie said…
What a great post. It really did feel harvesty and full of abundance and gratitude. Yay to having so much to be grateful for!

Making a commitment to the earth is also a beautiful thing to do for Mabon. You have really inspired me to join that bandwagon!

What a great celebration!
Tammy said…
Hey hey!! Another WOW player! :) What server do you reside on? I'm mainly on Scarlet Crusade where my main is a lvl 54 fire mage named Daoinesidhe.

This was a fantastic post! I love the energy you put into your posts and your 101 list!! Very cool!
Shannon said…
Ohh... fellow gamer, cool!

That pic is from Doomhammer, which is the major stomping grounds of my level 60 shadowspec priest ftw!

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