SPC: Enclosed 5


Enclosed in cube land (aka: work)

I've been thinking about doing a 'grumpy work post for a bit'. I hesistated for a few reasons... 1) I don't consider my life as my job which is why I rarely blog about it. 2) I don't feel like there is terribly much that I can do about what I will post and 3) I'm probably guilty of many of the things myself and finally 4) I prefer not to moan and complain here. OH and of course 5) the random possibility that one of the so called unnamed folk could by some odd happenstance end up reading this.

But, I just can't help it! I can't hold it inside no mo! There are many reasons I could be grumpy right here... could be any of the following:

- People having very detailed personal conversations about stuff ya just don't wanna know and or don't care
- People who talk to each other on the phone and/or speakerphone when they are less than 10 feet away
- People using speakerphone in an open enviornment (hello.. you aren't the only person here)
- Hearing someone as if they are 2 feet away but not seeing them (creepy)
- Having to answer the phone
- Having to answer someone else's phone
- Listening to peoples cell phone ring tones go on and on when they leave them on and at the desk while they are off doing something else
- Hearing people eat ... chomp chomp on fruit and veg, scrap scrap on a cereal bowl
- Listening to people crunch on on ice
- Hearing people dictate over the phone
- Whining
- People talking literally about nothing
- People who talk to you on your break when you are obviously engrossed in reading, writing, pretending to be elsewhere, whatever...

But, I guess it ain't all bad cuz I work in an office but I can still wear flannel.

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Georgia said…
I am so glad I don't work in an office setting anymore... although I did have alot of fun with many of the people there... I also wanted to put nasty voodoo curses on a few of them as well...
Janet said…
Oh yes, office environments can be a drag.. your pic says it all so well! Love the flannelette though. I too am privileged to work in an office where the dress code means the only articles of clothing I'm not allowed to wear are blue jeans or thongs (as in footwear)..
Potato Print said…
excellent grumpiness! I so relate to your list. I worked in a cube farm for many years. Some people thrive on it, but I found that it took the life force out of me. I rode the bus in the morning to work and often wept into the book I was reading. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I was out of internet range for a while.
Sacred Suzie said…
Very interesting rant here Shannon! I thinking working with people (even just being around them) is something you don't enjoy super much and it's probably good to just get that out to the universe so maybe some day in the not-so-distant-future you can work in a way that makes you even happier. That was a long sentence!

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