Self Portrait Challenge: Enclosed Spaces 1


Me in the tub.

One of the odd things about my new apartment is: no shower. Nice clawfoot tub, but no sprinkly-funness. I thought this would be a quite the transition period but its actually been nice. I putter around picking my clothes for the next day as the tub fills and it gives me some time to myself to do pretty much nothing. And I love being in the water. I love the sound of it, or how it feels when it rushes befind you if you lie back quickly, or submerging and then things suddenly go quiet. Water is an amazing thing.

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Wow, I can't believe your place doesn't have a shower, I couldn't imagine... baths for me are about bubbles and relaxing rather than actually bathing. It's great that your enjoying it though.
Sacred Suzie said…
Love the pic Shannon! It sounds like having a bath is becoming quite the ritual for you and you've always adored the water, this is good for you and your mermaid-ness.
Tish said…
Nice pic!
Bedazzzled1 said…
Ah, a clawfoot bathtub? I adore those. To heck with a shower when you have a lovely tub to surrender to!

I like this photo very much. Nice job!
Georgia said…
I want a clawfoot tub too. Very nice. I am in the tub this week too!
Jamie said…
I love this pic. It totally made me giggle when I got to the site. A clawfoot tub with slooshy water sounds and time for yourself is a great take on an enclosed space!

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