Compromise: Purple

The fact that I first drafted this post on July 18/06 ago demonstrates where I'm at, and have been apparently for the last 1 month, 4 days... at least.

I hate compromise. I always have. To me, compromising means no one wins and no one gets exactly what they want, everyone ends up with an outcome other than ideal. Bleh, who thought that up.

The title of this post is inspired by a line in Lemon Sky, where there is a discussion about getting a car and someone wants red the other wants blue. Kevin Bacon says: Compromise Purple. Watching it at the time I laughed out loud because it was unexpected and ridiculous (I don't know if there are purple cars now but there definately weren't then). A purple car is not what either of them wanted.

I feel like I'm looking at a world of purple cars right now. Not in compromises with other people, but more of with myself. There are so many things I want to do, and when it doesn't go as planned or gets half done or late it feels like a purple car. Oh, the ultimate worse case scenario, something gets missed entirely - then there is no car! Ironically that is fine as I don't have a liscense and take transit.. but you get my point.

I guess right now I'm actually not finding a way to compromise (or organize, or not take on new things, etc) that is working for me and therefore the compromises happen and it feels out of my control. Me no likey! Maybe purple cars are the way to go and I should just let what happens, happen. But as you can see from one of my favorite Tshirts (pic above) that isn't my normal temperment.

I guess I'll just see what happens. If nothing else, at least I can finally mark off that I've "written that compromise post".


Jamie said…
Yay you for completing this post! I still remember all of us laughing at that line. I mean, how many years ago is it now and we still reference it!

And I love that t-shirt!

Here's a thought. That purple car could actually be something really unique, maybe even better than what anyone was thinking - you know, not so much a compromise but collaborative creativity, bringing two unexpected and seemingly unrelated things together and creating something extraordinary! Just an alchemical idea :)
Shannon said…
I feel like Sharon (BSG: cylon) looking at the grid where there was water on a planet. I'm looking at it, I'm reading it, my mind goes blank, blink..blink...repeat.

I'm gonna re-read it tomorrow :)

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