August 8th - August Happiness Challenge - Butterfly!

Slightly tardy on my post but yesterday I actually saw a butterfly! I'm not normally one to be all 'ohhy' and 'ahhy' about nature and stuff but creatures - not that is a different story! What a great, nice monach butterfuly all orangy-yellow flapping its wings away. I think that is what is the coolest about butterflies - I never expect to see them and when you spot 'em its like OH!! and then they are gone, off to explore other parts of the world!

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Sacred Suzie said…
That's so cool you saw a butterfly! As one who does ooh and aahh over nature, that is so awesome.
Jamie said…
I think this year is the first year I've ever seen a monarch! It's so exciting! I wonder what's making this year special.

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