August 30th - August Happiness Challenge - Glam o Rama

Its very very dangerous that there is a Winner's right by the gym I go to. I had a little time to kill and BAM ended up walking out with these two gems:


Part of me goes aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to spending $ an then the other part of goes hey, I like 'em and gets me closer to #25 - Have everything I consider in 'the basic's' wardrobe on my 101 list!

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Wooohooo! Check out the glam infusion. I love that sparkly sunglasses are a part of your wardrobe basics :) Enjoy!
Sacred Suzie said…
Wow, that is a ton of fun Shannon! I think glam in the wardrobe is very playful and fabulous. Covering the basics in the wardrobe is an awesome project. I hope to do that too!

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