August 2nd - August Happiness Challenge

I found this on Tish's blog and thought what a great idea - I'm all for happiness so I'm gonna take the August Happiness Blogging Challenge!

Ok so I'm a day late, but have a fair amount of happy stuff from yesterday that I'm planning on posting shortly.

Happiness for today: Mr Sketch smelly markers were on sale at Business Depot.

I got a pack for Christmas when I was around... lets say 8? 10? And for many a year I used them and used them well. The orange one was my favorite, bright and could be used like a highlighter and smelled great! I had to throw it out on my last move as it finally bit the dust, but I used it well, I'm certain it was well loved and well used for many a wordsearch over the years!


Sacred Suzie said…
Hey Shannon, those markers are amazing. I just love smelling them. Yay to you for getting yourself some new ones.

I've taken up the challenge too, of course my first entry is about food!

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