August 28th - August Happiness Challenge - going to the Gym

Some of you may remember that Joining a Gym was on my 101, and that I did it too - yay me!

But... joining and going are not the same thing. I had it all planned out, but the location very close to me closed before I realized. Now there were other locations but one I went to a while back and kinda left suddenly so it feels little odd to show up again, and the other I wasn't entirely sure where it was. But after a week of dragging my gym clothes with me and not going, then a week of writing down the days to go in my datebook but not even bothering to bring my clothes with me, I finally got up the guts just to go. I found it, it took a bit but its a nice location with nice people. I didn't have whatever they wanted me to have for a person from a different location but we worked though it and it all panned out. So I guess I'm happy with putting off the procrastination and tearing down barriers I created for myself. Go me!

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Jamie said…

Way to go! I can just see you ripping through that barrier. It's like they should have one of those finish line ribbons at the front of the gym so that when you arrive you can bust through it and go yay!

You rock!
Sacred Suzie said…
That so rocks Shannon, getting out of your comfort zone and into a new area and new place to workout. I'm so proud of you!

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