August 27th - August Happiness Challenge - CNE!


Who knew a day like this would end up being so great? Well, Jamie & I did! Its a yearly tradition to go to the CNE, for many reasons but the top of the list is definately The Cat Show! I think one year we stumbled on it by accident and then we did it again, and well.... if you do something twice, its tradition!

Above: orange tabby maine coone (I had no idea there were orange ones)

Above: Devon Rex

Above: Scottish Fold. Now, I am not normally drawn to cutesy lil wee cats but this Scottish Fold was just the sweetest little thing this side of the planet. My goodness.

The cats move pretty quick, so some of the shots are a little fuzzy.. and these were the ones that made the cut!!!

I love seeing all the other animals too! I'm such a city girl, this is the only opportunity I get to see creatures that cats of my family:

And different kind of living beings at a flower competion! Every time I take a pic of a flower I feel like my Mom. Except I can't say "Oh isn't this a wonderful Azelia*"

*substitute correct flower term here

What would the CNE be without literally walking into a some performance? This year we watched the horse warm up:

And quite a few dance performaces:


Here's Jamie watching the dancing:


I would be lying if I didn't say a lot of what I look forward to is the food!


Above: The best perogies in the world!


Above: Beaver Tails, Killaloe Sunrise to be exact (cinnamon, sugar & fresh lemon juice) - yum yum

After all that there is always some shopping to do. Although we were *this* close to coming home with brooms (that really did look like they did an amazing job), I picked these hugging figurines, which are actually salt and pepper shakers but I'm gonna keep them as decoration. They look sooooo cute and they make me smile:

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* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
I so enjoyed this replay of our CNE adventure! It was awesome. Now I wish I'd put up more pics too! And wow, I didn't even see you take that profile shot, sneaky girl! What a great day. That Scottish fold is just TOO CUTE! What a great day!
Shannon said…
hahaha I am sneeky like that eh? :)
Sacred Suzie said…
I adore the photo of the pig! I love all the photos, it was so great to feel like I was there with you guys. Awesome coverage of the day Shannon!

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