August 25th - August Happiness Challenge - Lots !

Lotsa good stuff - 1) Fridays rule! So that is a good start!

Went out for dindin with Jamie (and this post will sound suspiciously like hers...). Then out to a movie, Step Up - do great... dance movies RULE!!!! Also got a chance to do a tarot reading for her which was great becuase I'm just getting back at it and was challenging but good to do someone's cards.

Had lovely meal green curry ftw:


and Buddha watching over us!

More here: August Happiness Blogging Challenge!
* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
I agree, you have lots to make you happy! Neat restaurant, where is that? I'm so happy you got to do another tarot reading Shannon. I'm a little rusty doing them for others too but it's always to see how different they are from reading your own. And it's nice to give other people some spiritual insight!
Shannon said…
It's Spring Rolls - great food and pretty affordable too!

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