August 24th - August Happiness Challenge - the 2 sides of clothes

A very nice way to start the day was coming into work and a co-worked complimenting me saying I looked beautiful. Talk about great! Ironically I was wearing something I've never worn there before and I don't actually think its that flattering but hey, its a dress and those are good when ya need something quick to get into in the am:

Than I realized I really love wearing comfy clothes, I will never ever ever go a time in my life without having at least 1 pair of totally thrashed jeans. They are a part of who I am:

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Jamie said…
Wow, those are so the two sides of you - glam girl and comfy girl! You do look beautiful!
Shannon said…
Thanks Jamie!!!!
Sacred Suzie said…
Funny how those two style can totally be you at the same time Shannon!

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