August 14th - August Happiness Challenge - pics of cats!

This actually isn't my cat but one that lives up the street. I only saw him/her once but they were really friendly (as you can see name really close) and has their own stratching post. A real treat that I got some nice pics.

You too can take the August Happiness Blogging Challenge!

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
What great pics! I love the top one. He looks like he's about to spring into action!
Shannon said…
OH yeah, he is (I think its a boy) a great cat. When I saw him he was rolling around on his back then sprung like how he is in the pic. He stood there for a moment and then walked right over to me.
Sacred Suzie said…
What a great looking cat and awesome photos Shannon! It's nice that you have a feline friend in the 'hood.

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