Thursday, August 10, 2006

August 10th - August Happiness Challenge - Kilts!!

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Thinking I would have to fictionalize something for happiness today on my way home I heard a sorta click click click behind me. And 2 male voices. The during an ordinary day on an ordinary road were 2 men in highland gear, kilts included and one with bagpipes.

Amazed again on the suprized possiblies everyday.

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Sacred Suzie said...

Wow, that's really cool Shannon and Reg would be so pleased, LOL. I had to learn how to love bagpipes but after The Highland games it's not too hard now. Gotta love watching caber tosses. Now that's a sentence I never thought _I_ would write, LOL.

Shannon said...

I love caber tosses too!!

Jamie said...

That's awesome! You just never know what you'll see in this city. What fun!