#93, 2/20 - Never Coming to a Theatre Near You

#93 - number 2 of 20 done on my Make a list of 20 books that I want to read and read them

'Never Coming to a Theatre Near You' by Kenneth Turan

I'm considering this one complete although I have not read this book cover to cover, however, I did read all the write ups on films I've seen as well as the titles and skimming the write ups of the films I haven't seen. I'm sure it comes to no surprize that I'm a fan of film books - particularly ones that shine a light on harder to find/less mainstream film. However I found I don't have the same rational as the writer does when looking for a good movie. It was a little 'guy' oriented for me, for example I just don't think Birthday Girl can be considered good, even though I really like Nicole Kidman and Vincent Cassel. The book is comprehensive guide for sure, just not to my tastes perse. I do like that it's split into English/Foreign/Documentary/Classics and completely agree with some of the selections: The Commitments, Heavenly Creatures, Whale Rider, Intacto, In the Mood for Love, Lost in La Mancha. A very interesting read!

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