#63 - Do a 'day in the life of me' set of pictures

I'm not sure why I put this one on my list. I think maybe to show a typical day in the life of... but as I did this I really picked a random day and it wasn't typical. Lots happened, some things even linked to other parts of my 101. I guess I don't have a typical day but this is an example of what could happen on a weekday, although the chances of all of these things happening again are quite unlikely but they all occured August 1, 2006.


Ah, it begins...

Oh my goodness I am actually going to leave on time....

Always good to pack a lunch!

The essentials for any outing.

Off I go!

Ah, and there is the streetcar I miss.. everyday...

And the one that I catch.

8:06 at the subway, I'll definately be on time!!

Freaking broken escalator!!!!

Baa baa follow the sheep.

More stairs...

Woohoo - payday!

In to the air conditioned world of work.

Welcome to cubeland!

And my cube!

And my pile of lists.

Break time!

I write my morning pages on my break. Its funny how many people thing that writing = doing work. The amount of comments I get in the lunchroom like 'You're such a food worker', and I'm like - ah, I'm doing my own stuff, but thanks!!!

A million and one files...

New month = new page on my calendar. Amazing the different perks you get at different jobs. Who knew a breastfeeding calendar could be one?

Have to leave early today - good thing this escalator is working.

C'mon subway! Why you taking so long?

Weeee more escalators!

Nothing says hospital like elevators and hand sanitizers! I almost didn't put this as I don't go there often so I don't really consider it and 'everyday' thing. However, I did go today so there ya go.

Lucky me, empty waiting room = no wait time!

And another streetcar to take me home!

The new from the streetcar.

Waiting for another streetcar, omg what a hot day this was I felt like I was going to melt. At this point even my toes were hot.

YAY its coming!

Doc suggested multivitiman, no time like the present!

Almost home!

Heya Beethoven. (not my decor)

Greeted by the furry one!!

Must get air circulating!! Open the pod bay doors Hal, its very hot in here.

Turn on the computer! An everyday activity for sure.

38C/90F. Holy freaking moly.

Fan goes on full.

BOO! Full sink. I'm a stickler for not coming home to full sink but I didn't have hot water for some freak reason the day before (I swear it's true!)

Need to change into something breathy-er.

Decide to have healthy snack as was reminded of such things previous today at the Doc's.

Time to work on some finances. Gotta love Excel.

Pay rent.

Decide to take a break and play for a bit.

Score!!! Star Trek is on, what timing!

Feed the cat.

Shiny sink!

Saw on someone blog recenlty that they were doing a drawing a day, so I decided to try that.. think this was day 3.

Even in this heat I decide to make tea.

And read for a bit.

And do my budget.

Talk to Mom.

Prevent dustbunnies from taking over the world. Or at least my apartment.

Make lunch for tomorrow.

Make my Lughnasadh dinner.

Talk to Jamie.

Watch the movie Dear Frankie.

Lay out clothes for tomorrow.

Draw a bath.

More play time!

Nighty night!

Return to my 101 list.

Return to Planet Shannon.

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon, I soooooooooo enjoyed this! It was so fascinating to watch your day and what happens and what you do... Thank you for sharing that! You have a very full and interesting life.
Jamie said…
OMG I totally enjoyed this. You should put all these pictures in PowerPoint and create a slide show, even set it to music! I could so recognize a bunch of the streetcar stops or subway stops. I loved the part about the streetcar you miss and the streetcar you catch. I love the picture you have on your copy holder in your cube! Thanks for sharing your day. I'm thinking about doing the same thing one day!
Shannon said…
Thank you my wonderful sisters!!! It was actually really fun to take all the pics but putting them up and resizing took a bit - it was totally worth it. That day was particularly full and I spent more time than normal on transit but some days (apparently) are like it!

I would love to see what your days are like!

I never thought about doing it as a slideshow... how interesting...

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