101 in 1001 weekly update #22!!!

Well things are moving right along, I'm at week 22 as well as 22/101 for my 101 in 1001! Wow that was a very numbery sentence. Oops, I goofed - I'm at 21/101. This week I knocked off #63 - Do a day in the life of me set of pictures, as well as made it to 3/10 on my #83 of try 10 new restaurents - I did go a while back but have just updated that now.

One thing I found interesting this week is that I'm not totally remember thing things I learn everyday. I was having lunch with my Mom and we were talking about countries and the one that is co-run by Spain and France came up and I couldn't remeber what it was. Andorra. How could I forget, it reminds me of Star Trek. Anyhow, I decided to maybe it would be fun (although every so slightly geeky) to actually have maps and mark of the countries as I learn them (see pic above). How all I need is a colour scheme....

Here are our regular updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#94 - Read every day - still doing this one!

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every day
Sunday July 30/06 - Its amazing when you can tell something is making a political statement, but you don't know what exactly. (This happened to me while watching the film M)
Monday July 31/06 - The correct spelling of segue (I really thought it was segway)
Tuesday Aug 1/06 - Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest (on average) and driest contenient.
Wednesday Aug 2/06 - Antigua & Barbuda has a population of around 75,000.
Thursday Aug 3/06 - Miracle Grow is soil & food,.. not just the food! My plants might be saved by this!
Friday Aug 4/06 - Veggie options can be great!
Saturday Aug 5/06 - Some days not much is going to get done - and that is ok.

For my full 101 list, look here.


Reading something every day is a good aspiration, although as you noted some days are better for doing absolutely nothing.
Jamie said…
Um, this is update 22 right? Wow, that is truly amazing. And look how much you've accomplished! Way to go on sticking to so many things - especially the dailies. I love reading what you learned each week!
Shannon said…
Oops, yes is it 22 - thanks Jamie I've updated it. I can't believe I'm actually at 1/week still - at that rate I will be done early! Hehe here is to wishful thinking.

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