Friday Feast Meme

A new meme, that happens every week - YAY. I found this idea here, and the Friday Feast webside is here.

On average, approximately how many times per day do you yawn?
According to a co-worker, a lot more often if I went out for pints the night before.

What was your most memorable school field trip?
In grade 3-ish, we did a one week field trip (out and back each day) to Black Creek Pioneer Village. Dressed up in Pioneer gear, had classes in a old school house, learned to ..omg what is called... brush? wool and make yarn. It was really cool, although writing this now sounds like some kind of social experiment.

I'll also answer in reverse... most memorable school trip that didn't happen: each and everytime I was suppose to go to the planetarium I was sick.

Fill in the blank: I was extremely __________________ this week.

Main Course
Which color do you think of when you hear the word "soothing"?

What is something that, if you had to, you could save up the money to buy within one month?
Wow I never thought of doing that. I would say a new pair of boots. Oh this is kinda inspirational.


Jamie said…
What fun! I am so imagining little you in pioneer gear. Very cool. Though I laughed at the idea of it as a social experiment. Maybe it was... results to be released in 2010. Mwahahaha. hehe, jk.
Shannon said…
Now I'm a-wondering if I have a picture of that somewhere... hehe
Shannon said…
OH I forgot to say I think my favorite part was wearing a bonnet. haha

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