#69 - Get 8hrs sleep a night for 1 week

Completed: July 11-18, 2006

Well, this one I had quite an unexpected response to. I can't even think of why I wanted to do this one. Do you know that to get 8 hrs sleep when you have to wake up at 7:30am you have to go to bed at 11:30pm? And did you know that 11:30pm is .. before midnight? Oh my...

I've always been a night owl, from reading by flashlight as a kid to going clubbing. I've worked nights, I'll stay up and watch movies, I've had killer insomnia more than once throughout my life. Now, I think its just habit. Whether I'm home or I'm out, on the phone, gaming, chilling, whatever it is I'm usually up til about 2am. For work I get up about .. well.. to be on time for work I have to be out of the house by 8. So that is a maximum 5h45m of sleep a night. I'm usually workin on 5 to be honest. So.. I guess I wondered.. does it make a difference? Do we humans really need 8 hours sleep?

The answer I now know is... Yes. Yes, it makes a difference. I didn't yawn through out the day. I wasn't late for work. I didn't sleep through the alarm. I felt .. normal? Not energized or anything but like everything was.. fine. I was more productive (at work) but I didn't have as much time in the evening to do the things I wanted. All and all my reaction to this one was that I'm actually angry. I'm angry that I know it makes a difference. That its 'better for me' to get more sleep. But now that I know this... I guess its all about what I'll do about it. Sigh. Not yawn.. sigh.

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Sacred Suzie said…
When I was told to stop reading in bed and finally gave in and yes, sure enough, I fell asleep much better I was really pissed off too. This has affected how much I read in a big way since I'm only comfortable in bed.

I hope you're feeling better at least physically for getting sleep Shannon. Big hug.

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