#58 - Go to a party


Thank you Heather for throwing your Tacky Formal Party & for sharing these pics!

What a fun theme and what a fun night! Never have I see so much hot pink, black & white combo dresses and showing bra straps. The guys did well too - overlay of many patterns, bright yellows, reds and flamboyant prints. Well done all around. Thanks again Heather & congratulation on your graduation!

* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
What a fabulous idea for a party. And man'o'man what a spectacular dress!
Sacred Suzie said…
LOVE it! Wow, what a great idea and I am amazed at the creative and fun people you know who participated. You look FAB Shannon! LOVE that pink on you, so shocking...
Heather Feather said…
Wow! I finally got a chance to check out the pictures...we look great! I'm so glad you could come the the party. Here's hoping we can wear those lovely outfits again.

Shannon said…
Thanks everyone!! OMG it was a party to remember and actually now that I've been noticing fashion more the skirt of that dress is technically in style atm, who knew?

Heather!! Thanks so much for the party and the post. I can't wait to get dressed up together again :)

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