#44 - Throw a housewarming party


Woohoo! Now this was an great thing to have on my list I not only had a great time, got to see lots of my family & friends (some of which I hadn't seen for ages), I also was celebrating my Bday *and* it provided the incentive to finally (mostly ..sh!!!!) finish unpacking and clean up! Here are some before and afters:

Woohoo, look - the floor! It exists!!! The party was a lot of fun, but apparentely we weren't making enough noise, maybe my sign was more pull than I thought:

Thanks to everyone who came & for all the thoughtful gifts! Made some great memories and it was a great time :)

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* Sadly, the images accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Wowzers, what great before and after pics! This birthday was really transformative! Yay to a beautiful space and celebrations!
Sacred Suzie said…
Wish I could have been there, looks like a ton of fun and am so happy your place is feeling like home Shannon. And that the party was an amazing success!

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