Sunday Scribblings: Earliest Memory

I've been lurking around Sunday Scribblings for a few weeks, and decided to dive in this time round.

My memory on when I was younger is not very good. I'm not sure when people actually start having memories but when people talk things they did and have stories to tell I always sense a void. It could be from what what my siblings and I call "the year of hell" (although I have had 2 other years that could almost rival it .. lol), I could be blocking it out, or maybe I just literally not remember. It's ironic, as I actually have a ridiculously good memory. I remember what everyone likes on their pizza, or how I first met someone, or all the phone numbers I've ever had. And, being the youngest I do tend to hear about things that I did, and often those are reinforced by seeing pictures but the following are all things that I actually have memory of:

- I remember the crayons melting in the car door on the way to Florida (age 5 or less)
- I remember be so sad that cried for ages because I was too young to take dance like my sisters, Suzie & Jamie did (age 5)
- I remember having to take having to take "fish" level lessons twice in swimming class because I was too short to advance to the 'normal' classes (somewhere between 5-7)
- I remember my first dance recital and somehow being outside through the window and walking on gravel (age 6 - no idea why I did that)
- I rememeber taking a bunch of tests I thought were 'fun' but ended up landing me into a different school and oh joy, gave me yet another reason to be labelled 'different' (age 7)
- I remember going to a friends cottage, which lead to getting a really bad sunburn, realizing for the first time that I didn't like grapefruit juice and really disliking being anywhere strange or anywhere that I didn't know how to get home (age 7 or less)
- I remember 1 normal family dinner (age 7 or less). One.
- Fun with puzzles and numbers with Magic Squares (age 8)
- I remember telling off a bully at school, I didn't realize he was one at the time though! (age 11)

Ironically, I have no idea when this picture was taken. Although I do remember that wallpaper and exactly the feel and smell of that comforter. On top of that, I have no idea, why I was reading a French dictionary, but then again - I told you my memory of when I was young wasn't very good. ;)


what an adorable picture. that one normal dinner was what probably made staying at someone elses house so difficult. :( it might be interesting to find a copy of the book and take a peek inside to see if you remember much else about it.
Jamie said…
I love that picture! I enjoyed hearing about your memories. You know, I have just the vaguest recollection of that recital and you going through the window. I think it had something to do with getting into the audience without having to leave from the stage. Wow, no wonder our theatre manners are so deeply engrained!
Sacred Suzie said…
Wow, I don't remember that part about the window at all. You look so adorable in this pic Shannon! I wonder who's making that peace sign...Jamie!

Thank you for sharing what memories you do have Shannon, I loved reading them. I'm so sorry you can't tap into them but perhaps they're locked away for a reason. It must be quite the mystery to you though.

It's funny, as time passes the more I see a physical resemblance between us Shannon, we are more alike than different. You're not alone. You are not an alien. You are our sister.

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