Colour Week: Monday, White


Here is my take on white, for colour week. I found this fun activity from Claudia, who has posted some wonderful pictures recently which inspired me. Check out Jamie's great pic too!!!

White has never been a favorite of mine, and in fact I was lucky that I took so many pics of the painting process of my new apartment so that I would have something to work with!! This is my primed bedroom before it became red, really really red! I am trying to think of other things I have that are white - some socks, some dish towels, kleenex, manniquin heads and the baseboards, that is about it. I have a few white shirts for moments where I think looking 'polished' is important, but inevitable that is the day I am using a stamp and end up with ink on my cuff. But, I do like white over cream, vanilla ice cream, cream for coffee and nothing looks as clean as white.

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
This is cool. It makes me think of white as a canvas! This white was the beginning of red! hehe.
Sacred Suzie said…
That's funny, I thought of it as being a clean sheet of paper before stories or poetry.

Neat pic Shannon! I'm so glad you took photos during the process.

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