ABC's of me Meme

The ABC's of me....

Found from Suzie blog, thanks for sharing :)

Accent: Not as far as I know!

Booze: Um, ok! A pint of Keith's, blush wine or a nice Shiraz. Oh.. or the summer Apricot beer is a great one too!

Chore I hate: putting sheets on the bed, I have to launch myself to get to those corners! Or mopping when you realized you forgot to sweep first, yuck.

Dogs/Cats: Cats ftw!! 1 cat

Essential Electronics: computer with FAST internet connection and capable of playing online games. TV, VCR/DVD, Cable, Call Answer, something portable to listen to music on

Favorite Perfume: Current looking for a new one, 2 I've loved in the past are Paco (which is cologne) and Activist (The Body Shop)

Gold/Silver: Silver all the way

Hometown: Definately Toronto, although I was born in Montreal.

Insomnia: all too often

Job Title: hmmm.. stumped on that is usually changes rather frequently. Oh, I mean: Artist.

Kids: Nope

Living Arrangements: Yes, I have those and I love 'em.

Most admired trait: Tough one. I tend to put people at ease. Or thinking outside the box.. I don't really believe this 'box' people talk about exists anyway...

Number of questions you modified on this meme: Just one ;)

Overnight hospital stays: Too many

Phobias: Too many

Quotes: "You only have to do it the first time once" - me, circa 1990

Religion: Define religon :P

Siblings: Yes! Two wonderful sisters Jamie & Suzie and my fantastic brother Jason (who should join the blog world!!!)

Time I usually wake up: theoretically 7:15am. Usually closer to 8am. Saturdays don't count

Unusual talent: I can pick up carpet with my toes, go go strong toes!

Veggies I refuse to Eat: Brussle sprouts, ick

Worst Habit: Staying up late

X rays: Too many, none recent

Yummy food I make: Stuffed Mushrooms

Zodiac Sign: Leo. rawr.


Sacred Suzie said…
I'm so glad you participated in this one Shannon! I totally adore that picture, where on earth did you come across that? Beautiful!

Sadly the "box" exists Shannon. I have a hard time working outside of it sometimes. It's weird, I'm totally outside the box in some ways and then imprisoned by it the next. I'm so happy you're 100% free of it!

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