#78 - Monitor my blood pressure for 3 months

Woohoo another one bites the dust - almost. I started this task on my 101 list right away, which means a few things.. 1, its been 3 months (wow!), 2, now that I've monitored it I should like... do something about it (lol) and 3, in the past 2 weeks is been totally different then the prior 2 1/2 months (arg). Different in a better sense though. Which is good although, confusing... lol. I guess its true that sometimes you never know what will happen. Maybe I'll watch it for a little longer.


Sacred Suzie said…
Excellent Shannon, good for you for doing this. I know it can be stressful because you just don't want a bad result but part of good health is monitoring it.

Hero cookie for you!
Jamie said…
Congratulations on sticking with it for 3 months!

I think it's absolutely amazing that there's been an improvement once you moved. You must be in the right place.

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