#45 - Throw out the wedding photo's

I can't even begin to articulate the irony that as I did this one, my camera isn't working. Well it still takes pics but I can't upload them. Fascinating timing. This one took me longer than I expected... I knew where they were and planned on doing this pretty much every day for two weeks. Going through pictures always takes longer than expected and I wasn't sure what my reaction to doing this would be. I didn't want to throw out anything that wasn't wedding related so I actually went through them... the showers, parties, nights out, getting hair done, the big day, etc. Lots of great ones of friends & family and touching moments. And then me, happier than I ever was. Grinning from ear to ear, sparklie eyes, the works. That used to make me so angry, but now just a little sad. At least I know its possible. Out with the old, out out out! I wonder what in the the new will bring.


Jamie said…
I'm sure you've opened up some space for beautiful things to happen and a sparkle to return to your eye.

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