20 Things I Don't Like

-->I forgot to mention I got this by being tagged by Jamie

1. Being late
2. Going ‘back’ – be it going to long way around or really anything that isn't the most direct route, having to redo something I’ve already done, picking up something I forgot. I want to go forward, not back!
3. Letting people down
4. Denial (myself or others – learn from it and live on)
5. Previews that give away the whole movie! Or when they show a preview of the film you are seeing before the film (in theatre or otherwise)
6. When I see something that really annoys me and realize I’m having a strong reaction because I do/did that
7. Liars
8. Cheaters
9. Chicken livers (a world of ewww)
10. When people don’t treat people as individuals but as a stereotype
11. Prejudice
12. sexism, racism, anti-gay/lesbian/hetro-ness, hate based on people’s culture, religion, etc
13. Violence
14. Anything that doesn't fit, clothes, chairs, things being out of reach/awkward
15. People that only talk about themselves
16. That everyone can’t just get along! (I have hope though!!)
17. Having regrets
18. Silly combination of items packed at the grocery store (rotisserie chicken with the cream? Cans with the eggs?)
19. When the laundry machine eats your quarters!!
20. Self sabotage


Jamie said…
OMG, I love this list. I've heard you growl about almost everything on there. Here's to getting the junk out of lives and inviting good stuff in! YAY!
Sacred Suzie said…
Self sabotage...very interesting Shannon. I love the list, I see a lot of stuff that would but me too. Nice to sweep out this stuff and let the good in.
dani said…
love this photo!

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