101 in 1001 Update #16!

Although I have done at least 2 things on my list since my last update I am being unbelievable stubborn on not posting them until I can post and accompanying picture. My PC does *not* want to talk to my camera at the moment (I think she stood him up) and I am working to resolved that which should hopefuly bring some fun posts in the near future.

I did make headway with #20 - pay off my debt with 1 more item out of the way (and a big shout out to Revenue Canada for my tax return), I'm 2/6 complete for that one and loving every step I make closer to getting it done.

Here are our regular updates:

#22 - Save a part of every paycheque - done!

#94 - Read every day - Along with some newspapers (some are hard to call newspapers when on Page 2 an article references is only a TV show), I've also been reading The Artist Way - Julia Cameron, and I actually do read it every day to figure out what exercises to do.

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every day
Sunday June 18/06 - I love having a grocery store with diverse foods! You never know when your recipe will call for frozen octopus!
Monday June 19/06 - Going to corporate events can equal free food and prizes
Tuesday June 20/06 - I love marking stuff off my list! Today I completed a task (non 101 task) that was on my list for over 3 weeks and it felt so good!
Wednesday June 21/06 - Treats from coworkers give me a rockin' start to the day, as well as a lot about how Access Database works and how the different parts of it talk to each other. Organizations systems ftw!
Thursday June 22/06 - People are nicer to you when you dress nicer. Although this was nice to have people be nice, it really cheeses me off.
Friday June 23/06 - I can do the morning pages for a whole week (and hopefully longer)
Saturday June 24/06 - If you just miss the Carlton streetcar at 3am, be prepared to wait an hour for the next one (ugh)

See my full 101 in 1001 list here


Sacred Suzie said…
Wow, there's a lot of stuff in there. Sorry to hear about the camera, what a total bummer. And the streetcar!

That really does bite about nice clothes meaning you get treated better, it cheese me off too.

Way to go for making so much headway with your finances Shannon!
woman with list said…
I'm almost finished my 101 list and I wanted to thank you for the idea of learning to spell words that I have trouble with. I even used to have trouble with my middle name (OK I still do double check it sometimes) so I forgave myself for other spelling challenges. I have written one word in the front of my dictionary because I always have trouble finding it!
Shannon said…
You're welcome one more list!! I'm thrilled that the idea was useful to you!! I found it amazing that once I actually worked on it, it wasn't as intimidating or hard as I had thought!!

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