100 Things I Love Today meme

I saw this on Jamie's blog, and I love the idea!

A big fridge and a freezer that works Cold Beer
New Ideas That warm feeling under the covers on a cold winter day
Hagan Daaz coffee ice cream
Great Conversations
Foreign Film Tips & Tricks

MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games)
Social Dynamics Tea Maple Fudge

Soft Socks My Apartment
Brillant, functional and fabulous design

When things are resovled
Gerber Daisies
People who make plans
The feel of a black bic pen on a large pad of rough yellow paper
Sleeping in Rugby Being Independant
Fries & Gravy Mashed Potatoes
Baked Potatoes (see a theme?..)

Finding a great new recipe
The feel of the temperature change down my back of cold water into warm hair

Smooth skin
The smell of frying onions My cat's purr
Food in the fridge Balancing

Days when my knee doesn't hurt
Seeing improvement
Candid photo's Getting email Eating at restaurants

The feel of shading with charcoal on paper with my hands
Great Sunglases Boots

Finding people with similiar values
Positive Feedback Perfection Being in water

Colour The sound of rain
Going to the pub after a movie to discuss it

French Onion Soup
Peas from the pod The cooing of pigeon outside my window

A positive bank balance
Empty streetcars
Orange Popsicles
Waking up to the smell of coffee Canadian Film my neighbourhood

The indent between the clavicle & the neck
Savasanah Dancing Lime
Awake Tea from Starbucks Going to second run movie theatres

Stadium seating When people 'get' what I mean
A great laugh Lightbulb moments

Clothes that I like and fit off the rack
My new system of lists Finding a new band I like Finding a new director I like

Accomplishment People who are great at their craft

Films with great scores
Sharing! My family

The cats in my life Feathers
Happy Surprizes Festivals
Days like today

Being Happy Organizational Systems
Being Right
Typing quickly

A well constructed garment Bumping into friends
Hearing people speak other languages

Comfy footwear Unconvential point of views
When things go according to plan
Nicknames Little dogs who think they are big dogs

When people know what they want
The seat past the back doors on the window side

Taking a stand A shiny sink


Sacred Suzie said…
This is a gorgeous list Shannon, I just loved reading it. I thought I was floating on a cloud.

BTW, what the heck does "meme" mean?
Shannon said…
meme is an .. oh manI can't remember its on one of the lists of things I learned. I think its an urban thing that travels from person to person.
Sacred Suzie said…
Thanks Shannon! I'm a little closer to understanding...I think, LOL. No, that actually does help. Thank you!

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