SPC: I'm pretending its still May Introduce Yourself Challenge :)


Ok, here is my final Self Portrait Challenge for May: Introduce Yourself. I missed last week, even though I really thought the day before the big move I would have some computer time, and I did - it was called: unplugging, ain't it fun! Anyhoo, the June challenge is posted but I still have one more May in me ;)

Uh oh, I better think of something so say after all that....

This is me in my new place a few weeks ago, before furniture or paint.

Oops, again
Need a new place, again
A familiar street - I have lived so close to hear before its not the first time I've had this postal code
Tired, again
Thrilled, again
Excited, again

Blank Slate

Is it second or third time lucky.. cuz whichever it is, I am SO READY!

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Sacred Suzie said…
I love the idea of a blank slate, especially to go back to where you loved and start over. What an amazing opportunity Shannon.

BTW, I thought it was still May challenge too!
Jamie said…
Great pic, Shannon! New place. New start. Good time for introductions!

It is still May challenge. I jumped the gun :(
Bethany said…
Great pic... and yes, new slates can mean GREAT new beginnings. If you can get over the stress part.
Sacred Suzie said…
I forgot to say, I love the picture too!
Shannon said…
Thanks so much everyone!!
Rachel said…
Have fun exploring the old neighborhood. I bet it- and you- hold new surprises if you look for them.

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