Self Portrait Tuesday - May challenge - Introduce Yourself #1


May challenge for Self Portrait Tuesday: Introduce yourself

Who am I?

I'm the one giggling like mad a few cubicles over
I'm the one who decides not to squish into the subway, even if I'm running late for work
I'm the one who sighs loudly when you sit directly in front of me in an very spacious movie theatre
I'm the one with the killer sunburn
I'm the one with the dark black make up at any occasion
I'm the one who falls asleep in class or alternately I'm the one who takes ridiculously detailed notes
I'm the one who rolled my eyes in the interview
I'm the short blonde
I'm the one with the desk so organized people don't feel comfortable working at it
I'm the one who can't disguise if I'm unimpressed with you or your actions
I'm the one who lights up like its Christmas when I find out something exciting
I'm the one who was up til 3am
I'm the one who always says "Sure, lets have another pint"
I'm the one here for "the French film" and not Cuba Gooding Jr's lastest movie
I'm the who has said so many time "All sales are final, and that means no exchanges or refunds, please note that no latecomers are admitted to the theatre and the house will open half an hour before the show..."
I'm the one who doesn't recognize you
I'm the one who called ahead
I'm the one who isn't friendly to telemarketers
I'm the one who arrives hours early with a book and snacks to a play only 5 other people ended up going to
I'm the one who found the inconsistency
I'm the one who walked into the door and made the clock fly off the wall
I'm the one who made it balance
I'm the one who sneezes in sets of three, loudly
I"m the one in the picture, silly!!

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Holy cow, that is so you! And so many varying aspects of you. Great post. Great introduction
Sacred Suzie said…
That is so great Shannon, I loved and smiled at all your points, they are all so you! How inspiring, you really know yourself so well.

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