Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - Introduce yourself #3

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The current subject for SPT is to Introduce yourself.

Who am I?

I was taking pics of my new apartment after (thinking) I was done priming for there day and then noticed these 3 panels of ick green on the bathroom door and I just HAD to make them not that colours, so ... regardless to say I am these things....

I am compulsive
I am stubborn
I am determind
I get things done
I tend to take on too much (I'm working on that though)
I get excited about everything
I giggle
I want everyone to be happy
I like to share


Sacred Suzie said...

You are definitely all those things Shannon. I love that you giggle, it is so infectious. You're the only person who can get me giggling out of control and I adore that! You're just as strong as you are fun, what a fantastic combination, pure inspiration for me.

Jamie said...

Clever picture! I was like, what is that Shannon's holding? Hehe, the camera! Way to get rid of ugly green! I can't wait to see all that you've done!